KTS InfoMate : Digital Sigange Software In panchayat, munucipalities , corporations

KTS InfoMate Digital signage Software can be used In panchayat, municipalities , corporations etc to.

i.Display various news related to Panchayats

Display news, notices and various other important announcements related to Panchayat.

ii.Replace conventional banners.

Install KTS Infomate and just eliminate the old-gen banners.

iii.Reduce human resource:

When a signage device comes into arena, it eliminates human resource to large extent along with giving a premium look for your institution. It saves time, money and and can serve for various other purposes such as video conferencing , CCTV etc in corporation,panchayats etc.

 Click on the link below  to see how Infomate can be used in Panchayats.

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